Yoga Instructor Offering South Jersey Veterans to Find Their Zen


A local yoga instructor is using her skills on the mat to help military veterans in our area.

Robyn Tiger, through yoga, is utilizing an organic method to help veterans in South Jersey find their zen.

“Our veterans have served and brought so much back with them from what they’ve done overseas physically, emotionally, psychologically,” said Tiger.

can definitely see changes in their body, their posture [and] the ability to find their calm much sooner.

As a medical student serving at a Veteran’s Hospital, she was taught to give medicine when someone was suffering from what’s now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) symptoms.

“Many years later I came to learn that there were natural, holistic ways such as yoga and meditation that can help with these symptoms that don’t require medication – that can be learned and used throughout their life as lifelong skills,” said Tiger.

So, she got certified as a Warrior at Ease instructor and got to work helping veterans in Atlantic County in a number of ways through her yoga and meditation class.

According to Tiger, yoga decreases stress, anxiety, improves sleep and digestion issues one may have. 

“[You'll have an] overall [boost] of self-esteem [and] self-confidence. [And it] strengthens the immune system and the musculoskeletel system,” said Tiger, regarding additional benefits this discipline can have for its practitioners.

Dick Noble is one of the vets in the class. He served in the United States Air Force and now suffers from several conditions.

“[Those conditions] develop[ed] into [me experiencing] balance problems and things like that,” said Noble. “I walk with a cane and these exercises are helping me to be not as unbalanced.” 

“I can definitely see changes in their body, their posture [and] the ability to find their calm much sooner,” said Tiger. “And they keep coming back so that tells me that it’s working.” 

Tiger volunteers her time, so that the $10 donation the vets pay goes to renting the space and the rest of the proceeds go directly to the Warriors at Ease program.

“No experience is necessary,” said Tiger. “We have all of the props that are needed here, meaning we have all of the blankets, the mats and the blocks.” 

Those interested in checking out the Veterans at Ease are welcome to stop by American Legion Post 28 in Absecon on Wednesday's at 10 a.m. 

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