Lost all sense about Sounds
and Silence. In utter Chaos
am in absolute Balance. Excruciating
Pain enjoined with profound Pleasure.
The Grief of losing a loved one also
brings the gravitas of Stillness. In a
world where the leaf cannot
know the Sweetness of the accompanying
fruit nor the Fragrance of the flower
that it spawns. Here I am
tasting the very source at
the surface. Lost all sense
of the sacred and sacrilegious.

O’ Shambho, since I embraced you
a Speck on the periphery seems to be
the very Center. Valleys have turned
into Peaks. What should have
been utter Confusion has become Crystal Clarity.

I am a Man with a man
A Woman with a woman
A creature with a creature
A Goblin among goblins
Just know with you I am