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Can’t a Woman Wear Yoga Pants in Peace?

Note to the New York Times: It's really not a great idea to shame women for wearing yoga pants. Let's be honest, women get enough flack over far more serious matters, so appearance-based scrutiny really should not translate to the gym. Even so, a recent op-ed took it there.

A New York Times opinion piece published Saturday is causing controversy for calling yoga pants “bad for women” and suggesting that those who've reached a certain age reconsider wearing tight leggings that “threaten to show every dimple and roll in every woman over 30.”

“We aren’t wearing these workout clothes because they’re cooler or more comfortable,” Honor Jones wrote. “(You think the selling point of Lululemon’s Reveal Tight Precision pants is really the way their moth-eaten design provides a ‘much-needed dose of airflow’?) We’re wearing them because they’re sexy.”

Part of the article's argument does delve into the fitness industry as a whole, arguing that it is unsympathetically pressuring women to splurge on pricey athleisure looks at their own expense, but the implication that “sexy” and comfortable cannot coexist and the wide generalizations and blatant ageism of the piece has ruffled more than a few feathers.

In response to the story's assumptions, people are taking to social media to point out the logical fallacies of Jones's argument (and rightfully so).

Some took issue specifically with the assumption that all women wear yoga pants for the same reason.

1. no one is requiring anyone to wear yoga pants

2. a lot of women genuinely like wearing yoga pants

3. yes, there ARE real reasons to wear yoga pants to yoga. they allow for more flexibility and to see if you are posed correctly.

Dear NYT, unlike all the ridiculous armor supposedly ‘designed for women,' yoga pants allow for freedom of movement, such as when you need to roundhouse kick a moron.

As someone who has practiced yoga for years, it’s unbelievable that you think we wear yoga pants because they’re “sexy?!” We wear them because they allow us to maneuver in ways other clothing doesn’t. Alternatively, seeing if you aren’t in the proper position is just as important

Others pointed out that the writer should not be judging others on what they choose to wear.

I will wear yoga pants whenever I damn well please. After that article I might just wear yoga pants even when I don't feel like it. Don't tell me what to wear. I am insecure enough without the NYT coming for my choice of pants.

You’ve never actually done yoga if you are asking why people prefer to wear tight-fitting while practicing.

This may just be the most vapid thing I’ve read in a good while. You’re about as edgy as my nieces’ hand-me-down Fisher Price silverware, @nytopinion.

It really isn't a difficult concept to grasp: Nobody should feel pressured to wear one thing over another, even with something as simple as sweatpants versus yoga pants. Some people enjoy tight yoga pants, others don't, and neither should be shamed for having individual preferences that don't hurt anyone else.

Now that that's been made clear, check out some of our favorite pants to wear to the gym.

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