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A 10-year-old’s trying to prove her leggings aren’t ‘distracting’

Falyn Handley, a fifth grader at Springdale Park Elementary School, is looking to overturn her school's stance on leggings.

The dress code explicitly bans “extremely tight” and “distracting” clothing, which includes leggings. 

Handley, however, is trying to show that leggings aren't distracting — and has a petition circulating that proves her point.

The 10 year-old appeared in front of the Atlanta Board of Education on Monday.

In her statement, she asked for the board to change the wording in their dress code.

“This is a label applied to girls’ clothing. I do not believe that clothing is a distraction. It is just the reaction that matters,” she said. “I should not be punished for other people’s behavior. I am not a distraction.”

However, some board members disagree with Handley trying to change the wording of an old-timey dress code.

We disagree. Pulling female students out of class and reprimanding them for an inoffensive article of clothing is literally reversing the work of what education SHOULD be doing. Schools should not be sexualizing female students' bodies, regardless of age. Additionally, leggings are usually less expensive and more comfortable than pants, which is important for both parents and students.

Additionally, if an article of clothing is “distracting,” that's a problem for the “distracted” party.

Girl in leggings

Putting the blame on girls for wearing an article of clothing deemed “distracting” by an arbitrary, archaic dress code is removing the blame from whoever it theoretically distracts. If boys are looking at a 10-year-old's leggings, then that sounds like something that should be addressed with boys, not girls.

Who else wants Handley to run for president, BTW?

Dress code violations this year have been no joke. From pulling girls out of class for wearing sweatshirts to principals calling out girls over a size two for wearing leggings, dress codes have upsettingly been all over the place this year.

That's why we were so excited to learn that a 10-year-old from Atlanta is doing her best to overturn her school system's ban on leggings.

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